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SW Complete Decal Set

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Includes two stickers for all members of the 501st Strike Witches, with pan and nopan versions. Eila comes with an additional third alternate pan design. Set also includes two extra stickers for Kunika, the best girl of the 506th.

The black dots are an added censor for the site. Tge nopan versions are explicit and uncensored. Potentially unsafe for sale in Japan!

These are vinyl decals, and are suitable for outdoor use. This includes on cars, range cases, or whatever else you can imagine.

If using this on a car, we recommend using a Krylon UV resistant clear coat and parking indoors in order to to maximize the lifespan of the decal.

I can't recall the exact dimensions since they vary slightly per design, but they're all around 4 inches tall with varying widths.

Normal price on stickers is $6.50, and this set would normally run at around $175. When buying the bundle, the price per sticker is $3.33 which is extremely economical.