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Garda Panteri Insignia

Image of Garda Panteri Insignia
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The "Panteri" brigade was a paramilitary group operational during the Bosnian War of 1992-1996. Headed by the Ljubiša “Mauzer” Savić, they were heavily involved in the securing of Bijeljina to Serbian Military forces as well as the liberation of the sieges of the villages Smoluća and Tinja.

Original patches from this unit are hard to find and generally very expensive. If you're searching for an affordable, quality reproduction, then look no farther.

4 inches tall, 2.6 wide. Velcro backed and ships with a backer that can be sewn onto items and used to attach similarly sized patches.

Disclaimer: Prolonged wearing of this patch may result in deepening of the voice, increased nationalism, sudden urges to sing, and a prominent tooth gap.