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CIA Meme Warfare Center

Image of CIA Meme Warfare Center
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Brought to light by the Vault Seven leaks, the Meme Warfare Center was a proposed division of the CIA that was to "aim for a full spectrum meme generation, analysis, quality control/assurance and organic transmission apparatus". Now that has a few too many syllables for my liking, so we'll just say they were meant to be a means for the government to attempt to harness meme magic and use it for the purposes of anti-wrongthink internet warfare.

It sounded neat so I made a patch out of it. It features the text "Central Intelligence Agency Meme Warfare Center", as well as a bastardization of the CIA's unofficial motto. "And you shall know the memes, and the memes will set you free". At its center sits the 4chan clover. 3.5 Inches, merrowed border, and velcro backed.